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You're an independent investor or trader in search of relevant, reliable financial advice. You want to pave your own path to profits, but first you need to arm yourself with state-of-the-art tools, a powerful skill set, and an unequivocal understanding of the markets.

How Can MoneyShow Help?

For over three decades, MoneyShow has been empowering individuals with a passion for investing and trading. Guided by the belief that "knowledge is power", we carefully handpick the resources perceptive investors and traders need to succeed.


The world's most trusted brands—from renowned, big-name financial institutions like Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and BBVA to small, ambitious companies—gather at The MoneyShow. You'll have the chance to talk one-on-one with qualified representatives about products and services that will help you achieve your goals.


Attend a plethora of workshops from investing and trading gurus to learn tips, stock picks, and strategies that cater to your needs, whether you're a fast-paced, high-risk trader or a slow-and-steady growth investor. Learn how the experts profit from MLPs, options, ETFs, currencies, and much more.


Our conferences bring together the greatest minds in the financial world so that you can gather the information you need to make educated, profitable decisions. Speak with experts like Steve Forbes, Peter Schiff, James Stack, and many more to get targeted, clear-cut advice and well-informed opinions on the current markets.


The MoneyShow team produces a diverse range of conferences every year, each one designed to give targeted advice to savvy investors and traders. Every conference combines exclusive, personalized advice from experts with the hottest financial products and services available, allowing you to create an education package that uniquely fits your interests.

The MoneyShow

Each MoneyShow gives attendees fresh insights on the current state of the markets and the latest investing news.

The Traders Expo

Every Traders Expo brings attendees the most current and successful trading tips and strategies from top professional traders and educators.

The World MoneyShow

The World MoneyShow is a unique combination of The MoneyShow and The Traders Expo, offering attendees trading and investing advice on an international level.

The eMoneyShow and eTradingExpo

The eMoneyShow and eTradingExpo are virtual conferences that bring the breakthrough discoveries from MoneyShow’s face-to-face conferences to your home and office.

The Cruise Seminar

MoneyShow's Cruise Seminars are exclusive opportunities to learn from financial experts in a luxurious, intimate, and exotic setting.


MoneyShow.com has over 1,500 contributors that are counted among the most respected and trusted names in the financial field. These experts bring daily market insights and lively discussions of the day's hottest topics to MoneyShow.com readers.

Live Webinars with Experts

The country's top market gurus share their investing tips and trading strategies in these live, virtual sessions. Get insights from the likes of Roger Conrad, Jim Jubak, John Person, and many more!

Media Library

Featuring tens of thousands of articles and videos from world-renowned market authorities, the MoneyShow media library is packed with sound, actionable investing and trading advice.

Free eNewsletters

MoneyShow.com has a wide selection of newsletters to fit your needs. Check out our eNewsletters!

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"The MoneyShow is a great place for investors to learn, catch up on the latest trends, and find out how to nurture their portfolio. Let's face it, in the 21st century, we alone are responsible for funding our retirements and our kids' educations. The MoneyShow can help us meet those responsibilities—and have some fun in the process."

Edwin A. Finn, Jr., Editor & President, Barron's Magazine • 11/19/02

"People come to The MoneyShow for advice. Specific advice. Simple advice. Immediate advice. And…they get it…a wealth of wise investment counsel."

Eric J. Savits, of The Dow Jones Business and Financial Weekly (Barron's)

"The MoneyShow, produced annually in Las Vegas and other locations across the nation, is one of the largest gathers of individual investors in the U.S."

The Wall Street Journal

"Great event, well organised, excellent networking opportunities, great topics, lively debate, educational and informative—keep up the great work!"

Mike C. • 2013

"The MoneyShow provides an excellent opportunity for investors and traders to learn the craft of investing and managing money in the markets. The MoneyShows are great, but the online Webinars and videos are very useful to keep up to date with the markets. Highly valuable and timely…"

James R. • 2013

"I enjoyed the talk by former presidential aspirant, Steve Forbes. He is an excellent communicator. Bring him back next year."

Sheridan M. • 2013

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