Pamela Aden

Pamela Aden, along with her sister Mary Anne Aden, is the co-editor of The Aden Forecast, an investment newsletter now in its 33rd year. Their analysis, which is used by investors in over 40 countries, specializes in the precious metals and foreign exchange markets, as well as the US and international equities and credit markets. Ms. Aden has authored dozens of reports and articles and has spoken at investment seminars around the world. Her work has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Money magazine, Barron's, the London Financial Times, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Smart Money, as well as CNBC business news, Women of the World, and MarketWatch.

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Pamela Aden
Co-Editor, The Aden Forecast
Co-Director, Aden Research
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San Jose, Costa Rica
Central America
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