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Outlook For Mid-Term Elections


Steve Forbes has some bold predictions for the upcoming mid-term elections and also for the gubernatorial races.

Look Forward


In light of the current economic deadlines facing the government, Steve Forbes suggests that you take a longer-term view.

The Real Scoop on Obama Care


Steve Forbes shares what he thinks is the real impact of Obama Care, as well as its impact going forward.

The Best of a Weak Bunch


While the US has plenty of its own problems, it still looks the strongest right now, says Steve Forbes, who handicaps several…

Elephants on the March


Investors would welcome the increasingly likely prospect of Republican victories in the November election, says Steve Forbes,…

Steve Forbes' Election Outlook


Steve Forbes shares his update on the coming election, and what it may mean for the financial markets in 2013.

Steve Forbes Talks What's Ahead for 2012


The Forbes chairman and former presidential candidate takes a look at the political and economic outlook for 2012, while also assessing the chances…

Simple Fixes for Simple Problems


The health-care bill and Dodd-Frank are indescribably complex…and it doesn’t need to be this way, says Steve Forbes, who…

Less Regulation, More Accountability


A few simple steps by a relatively new, more conservative Congress would put not only our own economy on track, but the rest of the world as well,…

Big GOP Sweep Is in the Cards


Steve Forbes, president and chief executive officer of Forbes, Inc., predicts a massive midterm victory by the Republicans in…