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What's Changed? Investor Psychology


Today, April 28th, this bull market becomes the 2nd longest in US history – surpassed only by the tech bubble of the 1990s, recalls Jim…

Stack: The Benefits of a Bear Fund

ETFs Tickers: SH

Managing risk in the final stages of a market cycle is vitally important for preserving capital and generating superior long-term investment returns,…

Stack on Stocks: Presidential Years


The negative message from key technical indicators has moved us to our most defensive position in over six years, cautions Jim Stack,…

Stack on Stocks: Patterns and Profits


There are many adages on Wall Street that have been around for years and periodically capture media headlines. Yet in application, they’re more…

Jim Stack Sticks with Energy


After dropping to lows not seen since 2009, the decline in crude oil prices is looking suspiciously like previous bottoms, suggests Jim…

Stack: A Defensive Bull


At 76% invested allocation, we are now at our most defensive (highest cash) position since the start of this bull market back in 2009, explains…